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What is PK God Batch?

PK God is located in Putian City, China. It is a high-quality replica shoe factory. His production machines and shoe-making skills may only be matched by LJR. He has a high reputation all over the world. We chose him and have a deep-rooted partnership with him.

The following is the PK God Batch Yeezy 500 series, the perfect cooperation between Stockxkicks and PK God, to give you a good experience in terms of quality and price, we escort your buying journey, and sell shoes all over the world at Stockxkicks, Don't worry about your beloved fake sneakers not making it to your city.

 Stockxkicks combines fashion, quality, and low price to continuously provide you with high-quality replica shoes.


Dior B22 Black Silver 3SN231ZNG_H969

Note: This product is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. If you mind, don't buy it